noun \ˈdel-ˌyüj, -ˌyüzh; ÷də-ˈlüj, ˈdā-ˌlüj\

: a large amount of rain that suddenly falls in an area

: a situation in which a large area of land becomes completely covered with water

: a large amount of things that come at the same time

Full Definition of DELUGE

a :  an overflowing of the land by water
b :  a drenching rain
:  an overwhelming amount or number <received a deluge of offers>

Examples of DELUGE

  1. The deluge caused severe mudslides.
  2. <a deluge of thanks and appreciation for the returning troops>

Origin of DELUGE

Middle English, from Anglo-French deluje, from Latin diluvium, from diluere to wash away, from dis- + lavere to wash — more at lye
First Known Use: 14th century

Rhymes with DELUGE



: to give or send (someone) a large amount of things at the same time

: to flood (a place) with water


Full Definition of DELUGE

transitive verb
:  to overflow with water :  inundate

Examples of DELUGE

  1. Heavy rains deluged the region.
  2. <deluged with requests for help>

First Known Use of DELUGE



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