noun de·liv·ery \di-ˈli-v(ə-)rē, dē-\

: the act of taking something to a person or place

: something that is taken to a person or place : something that is delivered

: the act or process of giving birth

plural de·liv·er·ies

Full Definition of DELIVERY

:  the act or manner of delivering something; also :  something delivered

Examples of DELIVERY

  1. The delivery is scheduled for this morning.
  2. The company offers free delivery with orders over $100.
  3. Someone has to be home to accept delivery of the package.
  4. Allow six weeks for delivery.
  5. The baby weighed almost seven pounds at the time of delivery.
  6. The doctor expects it to be a routine delivery.
  7. The doctor has had three deliveries today.
  8. The joke was funny, but his delivery was terrible.
  9. I need to work on my delivery before I give the speech.

First Known Use of DELIVERY

15th century

Other Embryology Terms

gravid, neonate, ontogeny, parturition
DELIVERY Defined for Kids


noun de·liv·ery \di-ˈli-və-rē, -ˈli-vrē\
plural de·liv·er·ies

Definition of DELIVERY for Kids

:  the transfer of something from one place or person to another <delivery of the mail>
:  a setting free from something that restricts or burdens <We prayed for delivery from our troubles.>
:  the act of giving birth
:  speaking or manner of speaking (as of a formal speech) <His passionate delivery stirred the audience.>
:  the act or way of throwing <an underhand delivery>
Medical Dictionary


noun de·liv·ery \di-ˈliv-(ə-)rē\
plural de·liv·er·ies

Medical Definition of DELIVERY

:  the act of giving birth :  the expulsion or extraction of a fetus and its membranes :  parturition
:  the procedure of assisting birth of the fetus and expulsion of the placenta by manual, instrumental, or surgical means
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