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noun de·light \di-ˈlīt, dē-\

Simple Definition of delight

  • : a strong feeling of happiness : great pleasure or satisfaction

  • : something that makes you very happy : something that gives you great pleasure or satisfaction

Source: Merriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary

Full Definition of delight

  1. 1 :  a high degree of gratification :  joy; also :  extreme satisfaction

  2. 2 :  something that gives great pleasure <her performance was a delight>

  3. 3 archaic :  the power of affording pleasure

Examples of delight in a sentence

  1. We watched the fireworks with delight.

  2. The kids screamed in delight as they chased one another around the park.

  3. To the delight of the children, there were enough cookies for everyone to have two.

  4. Some people seem to take great delight in hearing about the misfortunes of others.

  5. The trip was a delight.

  6. a garden full of tasty delights

  7. The magazine is a cook's delight.

  8. The stories are a delight to read.

13th Century

First Known Use of delight

13th century



verb de·light

Simple Definition of delight

  • : to make (someone) very happy : to give (someone) great pleasure or satisfaction

Source: Merriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary

Full Definition of delight

  1. intransitive verb
  2. 1 :  to take great pleasure <delighted in playing the guitar>

  3. 2 :  to give keen enjoyment <a book certain to delight>

  4. transitive verb
  5. :  to give joy or satisfaction to



Examples of delight in a sentence

  1. The toy delighted the children.

  2. The stories will delight readers of all ages.

Origin and Etymology of delight

Middle English deliten, from Anglo-French deliter, from Latin delectare, frequentative of delicere to allure, from de- + lacere to allure

First Known Use: 13th century

Rhymes with delight

affright, air right, airtight, albite, Albright, alight, all right, all-night, a mite, aright, backbite, backlight, bauxite, bedight, birthright, black light, bleed white, bobwhite, bombsight, box kite, calcite, campsite, catfight, cockfight, contrite, cordite, Cushite, daylight, deadlight, dendrite, despite, dogfight, downlight, downright, droplight, dust mite, earthlight, excite, eyebright, eyesight, fanlight, felsite, ferrite, finite, fire blight, firefight, firelight, first night, fistfight, flashlight, fleabite, floodlight, foresight, forthright, fortnight, freewrite, frostbite, Gadite, gall mite, gaslight, gastight, ghostwrite, goethite, graphite, green light, gummite, gunfight, half-light, halite, Hamite, handwrite, headlight, highlight, hindsight, Hittite, homesite, hoplite, Hussite, ignite, illite, infight, in-flight, incite, indict, indite, insight, in sight, invite, jacklight, jadeite, key light, lamplight, late blight, leucite, Levite, lighttight, lignite, limelight, lintwhite, lowlight, Lucite, Luddite, lyddite, marmite, Melchite, Memphite, midnight, millwright, moonlight, New Right, night-light, nitrite, off-site, off-white, on sight, on-site, outright, outsight, partite, peep sight, penlight, perlite, playwright, polite, preflight, prizefight, pyrite, quartzite, ratite, recite, red light, red-light, requite, respite, rewrite, rushlight, rust mite, safelight, samite, searchlight, Semite, Servite, Shemite, Shiite, shipwright, sidelight, sit tight, skintight, skylight, skywrite, slant height, smectite, snakebite, snow-white, sound bite, spaceflight, spotlight, stage fright, starlight, sternite, sticktight, stoplight, streetlight, stylite, sulfite, sunlight, Sunnite, taillight, termite, thermite, tonight, torchlight, trothplight, Twelfth Night, twilight, twi-night, typewrite, unite, unsight, upright, uptight, wainwright, watch night, wax light, Web site, weeknight, wheelwright, white flight, white knight, x-height, zinc white

DELIGHT Defined for Kids



noun de·light \di-ˈlīt\

Definition of delight for Students

  1. 1 :  great pleasure or satisfaction :  joy <The baby clapped with delight.>

  2. 2 :  something that gives great pleasure <Visiting with them was a delight.>



verb de·light

Definition of delight for Students



  1. 1 :  to take great pleasure <Grandma delights in showing us her old photos.>

  2. 2 :  to give joy or satisfaction to <The show delights all ages.>

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