noun \ˈde-li-kə-sē\
plural del·i·ca·cies

Definition of DELICACY

a :  the quality or state of being luxurious
b :  indulgence
:  something pleasing to eat that is considered rare or luxurious <considered caviar a delicacy>
a :  the quality or state of being dainty :  fineness <lace of great delicacy>
b :  frailty 1 <the delicacy of his health>
:  fineness or subtle expressiveness of touch (as in painting or music)
a :  precise and refined perception and discrimination
b :  extreme sensitivity :  precision <an electronic instrument of great delicacy>
a :  refined sensibility in feeling or conduct
b :  the quality or state of being squeamish
:  the quality or state of requiring delicate handling

Examples of DELICACY

  1. The restaurant serves delicious sausages and other regional delicacies.
  2. the delicacy of the glassware
  3. The curtains were made from fine lace of great delicacy.
  4. a musician known for the delicacy of her compositions
  5. the delicacy of the young boy's features
  6. the delicacy of the perfume
  7. the delicacy of the wine's flavor
  8. Because of the delicacy of the situation, we needed to speak privately.

First Known Use of DELICACY

14th century

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