verb \(ˌ)dē-ˈkōd\

: to change (secret messages, documents, etc.) from a set of letters, numbers, symbols, etc., you cannot understand into words you can understand

: to find or understand the true or hidden meaning of (something)

: to change signals for a radio, television, etc., to a form that can be heard or seen correctly

Full Definition of DECODE

transitive verb
a :  to convert (as a coded message) into intelligible form
b :  to recognize and interpret (an electronic signal)
a :  decipher 3a
b :  to discover the underlying meaning of <decode the play's imagery>

Examples of DECODE

  1. Readers can easily decode the novel's imagery.
  2. I'm trying to decode the expression on her face.
  3. The box decodes the digital signal for your CD player.

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