verb \ˈde-bət\

: to take money from (an account)

Full Definition of DEBIT

transitive verb
:  to enter upon the debit side of an account :  charge with a debit

Examples of DEBIT

  1. The bank mistakenly debited my account $200!
  2. Your account will automatically be debited for the amount of your insurance bill every month.

First Known Use of DEBIT


Other Economics Terms

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: an amount of money that is taken from an account

Full Definition of DEBIT

a :  a record of an indebtedness; specifically :  an entry on the left-hand side of an account constituting an addition to an expense or asset account or a deduction from a revenue, net worth, or liability account
b :  the sum of the items entered as debits
:  a charge against a bank deposit account

Examples of DEBIT

  1. I forgot to enter some of the debits in my bank account register.
  2. The account's credits were added and the debits subtracted.
  3. a $30 debit for groceries

Origin of DEBIT

Latin debitum debt
First Known Use: 1746

Other Business Terms

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