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noun de·bate \di-ˈbāt, dē-\

Simple Definition of debate

  • : a discussion between people in which they express different opinions about something

Full Definition of debate

  1. :  a contention by words or arguments: as a :  the formal discussion of a motion before a deliberative body according to the rules of parliamentary procedure b :  a regulated discussion of a proposition between two matched sides

Examples of debate

  1. The candidates participated in several debates before the election was held.

  2. The meaning of the text has been the subject of considerable debate among scholars for many years.

13th Century

First Known Use of debate

13th century

Rhymes with debate

abate, ablate, adnate, aerate, age-mate, agnate, airdate, airfreight, alate, arête, await, backdate, baldpate, bandmate, baseplate, bedmate, bedplate, berate, birthrate, bistate, bite plate, blank slate, blind date, blue plate, bookplate, breastplate, casemate, castrate, caudate, cell plate, cerate, cheapskate, checkmate, chelate, chordate, citrate, classmate, clavate, cognate, collate, comate, conflate, connate, Cook Strait, cordate, create, cremate, crenate, curate, cut-rate, deadweight, death rate, deflate, delate, dentate, derate, dictate, dilate, disrate, donate, doorplate, downstate, drawplate, elate, end plate, equate, estate, faceplate, falcate, fellate, filtrate, first-rate, fishplate, fixate, flatmate, floodgate, fluxgate, flyweight, folate, formate, frustrate, gelate, gestate, ground state, gyrate, hamate, hastate, headgate, Hell Gate, helpmate, home plate, hot plate, housemate, hydrate, ice-skate, inflate, ingrate, inmate, innate, instate, irate, jailbait, Kuwait, lactate, lapse rate, legate, liftgate, ligate, lightweight, liquate, lobate, locate, lunate, lustrate, lych-gate, lyrate, magnate, makebate, makeweight, mandate, messmate, migrate, misstate, mutate, nameplate, narrate, negate, Newgate, nitrate, notate, nutate, oblate, of late, orate, ornate, ovate, palmate, palpate, peltate, phonate, pinnate, placate, playdate, playmate, plicate, portrait, postdate, predate, prime rate, probate, prolate, pronate, prorate, prostate, prostrate, punctate, pupate, quadrate, rain date, ramate, rebate, red-bait, relate, restate, roommate, rostrate, rotate, saccate, schoolmate, seatmate, sedate, sensate, septate, serrate, shipmate, short weight, slave state, soleplate, soul mate, spectate, spicate, squamate, stagnate, stalemate, stellate, striate, sublate, substrate, sulcate, summate, tailgate, teammate, Tebet, tenth-rate, ternate, terneplate, testate, third-rate, tinplate, to date, toeplate, tollgate, tractate, translate, tristate, truncate, unweight, update, uprate, upstate, V-8, vacate, vallate, valvate, vibrate, virgate, vulgate, whitebait, workmate



verb de·bate

Simple Definition of debate

  • : to discuss (something) with people whose opinions are different from your own

  • : to compete against (someone) in a debate : to argue against another person's opinions as part of an organized event

  • : to think about (something) in order to decide what to do

Full Definition of debate


  1. intransitive verb
  2. 1 obsolete :  fight, contend

  3. 2 a :  to contend in words b :  to discuss a question by considering opposed arguments

  4. 3 :  to participate in a debate

  5. transitive verb
  6. 1 a :  to argue about <the subject was hotly debated> b :  to engage (an opponent) in debate

  7. 2 :  to turn over in one's mind <he's still debating what to do>

de·bate·ment play \-ˈbāt-mənt\ noun
de·bat·er noun

Examples of debate

  1. Scholars have been debating the meaning of the text for years.

  2. Whether or not the tax cuts benefit the lower classes is still hotly debated among economists.

  3. The energy bill is currently being debated in Congress.

  4. The President debated his challenger in front of a live audience on Tuesday.

  5. The students debated for an hour.

Origin of debate

Middle English, from Anglo-French debatre, from de- + batre to beat, from Latin battuere

First Known Use: 14th century

Synonym Discussion of debate

discuss, argue, debate mean to discourse about in order to reach conclusions or to convince. discuss implies a sifting of possibilities especially by presenting considerations pro and con <discussed the need for a new highway>. argue implies the offering of reasons or evidence in support of convictions already held <argued that the project would be too costly>. debate suggests formal or public argument between opposing parties <debated the merits of the amendment>; it may also apply to deliberation with oneself <I'm debating whether I should go>.

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