verb \ˈde-dən\

: to make (something) weaker or less noticeable

dead·eneddead·en·ing \ˈded-niŋ, ˈde-dən-iŋ\

Full Definition of DEADEN

transitive verb
:  to impair in vigor or sensation :  blunt <deadened his enthusiasm> <deadened the pain>
a :  to deprive of brilliance
b :  to make vapid or spiritless <oxygen deadens wine>
c :  to make (as a wall) impervious to sound
:  to deprive of life :  kill
intransitive verb
:  to become dead :  lose life or vigor
dead·en·er \ˈded-nər, -dən-ər\ noun
dead·en·ing·ly \-niŋ-lē, -dən-iŋ-\ adverb

Examples of DEADEN

  1. He took aspirin to deaden the pain.
  2. The new insulation will help to deaden the noise from the street outside.

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