noun \ˈdā-ˌli-lē\

: a kind of plant that has long thin leaves and usually yellow or orange flowers that bloom for a short time

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:  any of various Eurasian perennial herbs (genus Hemerocallis) of the lily family that have short-lived flowers resembling lilies and are widespread in cultivation and as escapes

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noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Any plant of the genus Hemerocallis, in the family Hemerocallidaceae, consisting of about 15 species of perennial herbaceous plants distributed from central Europe to eastern Asia. Members have long-stalked clusters of funnel- or bell-shaped flowers that range in colour from yellow to red and are each short-lived (hence “day” lily). Daylilies have fleshy roots and narrow, sword-shaped leaves that are grouped at the base of the plant. The fruit is a capsule. Some species are cultivated as ornamentals or for their edible flowers and buds.

Variants of DAYLILY

daylily or day lily


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