noun, often capitalized \ˈd-fən, ˈdō-; ˌdō-ˈfaⁿ\

Definition of DAUPHIN

:  the eldest son of a king of France

Origin of DAUPHIN

Middle English dolphin, from Anglo-French dolphyn, from Old French dalfin, title of lords of the Dauphiné, from Dalfin, a surname
First Known Use: 15th century


geographical name \ˈd-fin\

Definition of DAUPHIN

island SW Alabama at entrance to Mobile Bay


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Title of the eldest son of a king of France, the heir apparent to the French crown, from 1350 to 1830. Derived from a personal name, dauphin was originally used as a title in the 12th century by French counts in Auvergne and Vienne. The title came to the French crown through the purchase of lands known as the Dauphiné in 1349 by Philip VI, who bestowed it on his grandson, the future Charles V. Dauphin came to designate the heir apparent during the reign of Charles V, who gave his son, Charles VI, the title and the Dauphiné.


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