noun \ˈdär-liŋ\

: a person you love very much

: a kind and helpful person

: someone who is liked very much by a person or group

Full Definition of DARLING

:  a dearly loved person
:  favorite <a director who is the darling of the critics>

Examples of DARLING

  1. She was mother's little darling.
  2. <for a while that candidate was the darling of the news media and could do no wrong>

Origin of DARLING

Middle English derling, from Old English dēorling, from dēore dear
First Known Use: before 12th century

Rhymes with DARLING



: greatly loved

: very pleasing or attractive

Full Definition of DARLING

:  dearly loved :  favorite
:  very pleasing :  charming
dar·ling·ly \-liŋ-lē\ adverb
dar·ling·ness noun

Examples of DARLING

  1. This is my darling daughter, Sara.
  2. That dress is just darling.

First Known Use of DARLING

15th century


geographical name \ˈdär-liŋ\

Definition of DARLING

river ab 1700 miles (2735 kilometers) SE Australia in Queensland & New South Wales flowing SW into Murray River

Rhymes with DARLING


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