: willing to do dangerous or difficult things

: showing a lack of fear

Full Definition of DARING

:  venturesomely bold in action or thought
dar·ing·ly \-iŋ-lē\ adverb
dar·ing·ness noun

Examples of DARING

  1. a daring reporter who has covered several wars
  2. She's a daring innovator in the field of biotechnology.
  3. a daring plan to steal the famous painting
  4. She decided to wear a daring dress to the party.
  5. ideas that are new and daring
  6. the artist's daring use of color

First Known Use of DARING




: the quality of being willing to do dangerous or difficult things : courage or fearlessness

Full Definition of DARING

:  venturesome boldness

Examples of DARING

  1. Skydiving requires both skill and daring.
  2. He performs the trick with the daring of a stuntman.

First Known Use of DARING



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