adjective \ˈder-ˌde-vəl\

Definition of DAREDEVIL

:  recklessly and often ostentatiously daring

Examples of DAREDEVIL

  1. <his daredevil stunts are sure to end in disaster someday>
  2. <a daredevil driver who thinks that drag racing on city streets is a harmless game>

First Known Use of DAREDEVIL




: a person who does dangerous things especially in order to get attention

Full Definition of DAREDEVIL

:  a recklessly bold person
dare·dev·il·ry \-vəl-rē\ noun
dare·dev·il·try \-vəl-trē\ noun

Examples of DAREDEVIL

  1. He has always been a bit of a daredevil.
  2. <that little daredevil has broken an arm and an ankle this year alone>

First Known Use of DAREDEVIL


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