daddy longlegs

dad·dy long·legs

noun \ˌda-dē-ˈlŋ-ˌlegz, -ˌlāgz\

: a small insect that looks like a spider and that has a small round body and long thin legs

plural daddy longlegs

Full Definition of DADDY LONGLEGS

chiefly British :  crane fly
:  any of an order (Opiliones) of arachnids that have slender usually long legs and that resemble spiders but have an oval body lacking a constriction —called also harvestman

First Known Use of DADDY LONGLEGS

circa 1814


daddy longlegs

noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Daddy longlegs, or harvestman (order Opiliones).—E.S. Ross

Any of the 3,400 arachnid species constituting the order Opiliones. Daddy longlegs differ from spiders in having extremely long, thin legs and a spherical or oval body that is not divided in two. The body is approximately 0.05–1.0 in. (1–22 mm) long; the fragile legs may be 20 times the body length. Males are smaller than females. Adults have a pair of glands that secrete a foul-smelling fluid. Daddy longlegs are very widely distributed in temperate regions and in the tropics. The U.S. and Canada have about 150 species. They feed on insects, mites, spiders, carrion, and vegetable matter. See also crane fly.


daddy longlegs or harvestman


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