noun \ˈdäks-ˌhnt, -ˌhnd; ˈdäk-sənt; especially British ˈdak-sənd\

: a small type of dog that has a long body, very short legs, and long ears

Full Definition of DACHSHUND

:  any of a breed of long-bodied, short-legged dogs of German origin that occur in short-haired, long-haired, and wirehaired varieties

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German, from Dachs badger + Hund dog
First Known Use: 1882

Other Mammals Terms

dormouse, dugong, gibbon, grimalkin, sable, stoat, ungulate, vole


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Dog breed of hound and terrier ancestry developed in Germany to pursue badgers (German, Dachs) into their burrows. It is a long-bodied, lively dog with a deep chest, short legs, tapering muzzle, and long ears. Usually reddish brown, or black and tan, it is bred in two sizes (standard and miniature) and in three coat types (smooth, long, and wiry). The standard dachshund stands about 7–10 in. (18–25 cm) high and weighs 16–32 lbs (7–14.5 kg); the miniature is shorter and weighs less than 9 lbs (4 kg).


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