noun cur·va·ture \ˈkər-və-ˌchr, -chər, -ˌtyr, -ˌtr\

: the amount that something is curved

medical : a condition in which your spine is curved in an abnormal way

Full Definition of CURVATURE

:  the act of curving :  the state of being curved
:  a measure or amount of curving; specifically :  the rate of change of the angle through which the tangent to a curve turns in moving along the curve and which for a circle is equal to the reciprocal of the radius
a :  an abnormal curving (as of the spine)
b :  a curved surface of an organ

Examples of CURVATURE

  1. The lenses have different curvatures.
  2. the curvature of the earth
  3. The machine measures the eyeball's degree of curvature.
  4. a disease that can cause curvature of the spine

First Known Use of CURVATURE

CURVATURE Defined for Kids


noun cur·va·ture \ˈkər-və-ˌchr\

Definition of CURVATURE for Kids

:  a part having a somewhat round shape
Medical Dictionary


noun cur·va·ture \ˈkər-və-ˌch(ə)r, -chər, -ˌt(y)(ə)r\

Medical Definition of CURVATURE

:  an abnormal curving (as of the spine)—see kyphosis, scoliosis
:  a curved surface of an organ (as the stomach)—see greater curvature, lesser curvature
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