noun \ˈkər-və-ˌchr, -chər, -ˌtyr, -ˌtr\

: the amount that something is curved

medical : a condition in which your spine is curved in an abnormal way

Full Definition of CURVATURE

:  the act of curving :  the state of being curved
:  a measure or amount of curving; specifically :  the rate of change of the angle through which the tangent to a curve turns in moving along the curve and which for a circle is equal to the reciprocal of the radius
a :  an abnormal curving (as of the spine)
b :  a curved surface of an organ

Examples of CURVATURE

  1. The lenses have different curvatures.
  2. the curvature of the earth
  3. The machine measures the eyeball's degree of curvature.
  4. a disease that can cause curvature of the spine

First Known Use of CURVATURE



noun \ˈkər-və-ˌch(ə)r, -chər, -ˌt(y)(ə)r\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of CURVATURE

: an abnormal curving (as of the spine)—see kyphosis, scoliosis
: a curved surface of an organ (as the stomach)—see greater curvature, lesser curvature


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Measure of the rate of change of direction of a curved line or surface at any point. In general, it is the reciprocal of the radius of the circle or sphere of best fit to the curve or surface at that point. This notion of best fit derives from the principle that only one circle can be drawn though any three points not on the same line. The radius of curvature at the middle point is approximately equal to the radius of that one circle. This calculation becomes more exact the closer the points are. The precise value is found using a limit. Because a straight line can be thought of as an arc of a circle of infinite radius, its curvature is zero.


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