adjective \ˈkər-siv\

Definition of CURSIVE

:  running, coursing: as
a of writing :  flowing often with the strokes of successive characters joined and the angles rounded
b :  having a flowing, easy, impromptu character
cur·sive·ly adverb
cur·sive·ness noun

Origin of CURSIVE

French or Medieval Latin; French cursif, from Medieval Latin cursivus, literally, running, from Latin cursus, past participle of currere to run
First Known Use: circa 1784



: a type of handwriting in which all the letters in a word are connected to each other

Full Definition of CURSIVE

:  a manuscript written in cursive writing; also :  cursive writing
:  a style of printed letter resembling handwriting

Examples of CURSIVE

  1. He writes in cursive when he takes notes.

First Known Use of CURSIVE



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