noun cur·ren·cy \ˈkər-ən(t)-sē, ˈkə-rən(t)-\

: the money that a country uses : a specific kind of money

: something that is used as money

: the quality or state of being used or accepted by many people

plural cur·ren·cies

Full Definition of CURRENCY

a :  circulation as a medium of exchange
b :  general use, acceptance, or prevalence <a story gaining currency>
c :  the quality or state of being current :  currentness
a :  something (as coins, treasury notes, and banknotes) that is in circulation as a medium of exchange
b :  paper money in circulation
c :  a common article for bartering
d :  a medium of verbal or intellectual expression

Examples of CURRENCY

  1. A new currency has been introduced in the foreign exchange market.
  2. They were paid in U.S. currency.
  3. Furs were once traded as currency.
  4. The word has not yet won widespread currency.
  5. I'm not sure about the accuracy and currency of their information.

First Known Use of CURRENCY


Other Monetary Terms

clad, legend, numismatic, obverse, reverse, scrip, series, specie
CURRENCY Defined for Kids


noun cur·ren·cy \ˈkər-ən-sē\
plural cur·ren·cies

Definition of CURRENCY for Kids

:  common use or acceptance <The idea has wide currency.>
:  money in circulation <We were paid in the country's currency.>
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