verb \ˈkəl\

: to select or choose (someone or something) from a group

: to control the size of (a group of animals) by killing some animals

Full Definition of CULL

transitive verb
:  to select from a group :  choose <culled the best passages from the poet's work>
:  to reduce or control the size of (as a herd) by removal (as by hunting) of especially weaker animals; also :  to hunt or kill (animals) as a means of population control
cull·er noun

Examples of CULL

  1. He culls his herd annually.
  2. The town issued hunting licenses in order to cull the deer population.

Origin of CULL

Middle English, from Anglo-French culier, coillir, from Latin colligere to bind together — more at collect
First Known Use: 13th century



Definition of CULL

:  something rejected especially as being inferior or worthless <how to separate good-looking pecans from cullsWashington Post>

Examples of CULL

  1. <the unbruised apples will be packed in bags, and the culls will be used for cider>

First Known Use of CULL



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