noun \ˈkrüs, ˈkrəs\
plural cru·ra \ˈkrr-ə\

Definition of CRUS

:  any of various anatomical parts that resemble a leg or a pair of legs

Origin of CRUS

Latin crur-, crus
First Known Use: circa 1751

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noun \ˈkrüs, ˈkrəs\   (Medical Dictionary)
plural cru·ra \ˈkr(ə)r-ə\

Medical Definition of CRUS

: the part of the hind limb between the femur or thigh and the ankle or tarsus : shank
: any of various anatomical parts likened to a leg or to a pair of legs: as a : either of the diverging proximal ends of the corpora cavernosa b : the tendinous attachments of the diaphragm to the bodies of the lumbar vertebrae forming the sides of the aortic opening—often used in plural c crura pl : the peduncles of the cerebrum—called also crura cerebri d crura pl : the peduncles of the cerebellum e crura pl : the posterior pillars of the fornix—called also crura fornicis f (1) : a long bony process of the incus that articulates with the stapes; also : a shorter one projecting from the body of the incus perpendicular to this (2) : either of the two bony processes forming the sides of the arch of the stapes


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