adjective \ˈkrē-ˌōl\

: relating to people who are Creoles or to their language

Full Definition of CREOLE

often capitalized :  of or relating to Creoles or their language
often capitalized :  relating to or being highly seasoned food typically prepared with rice, okra, tomatoes, and peppers <shrimp creole>

First Known Use of CREOLE


Other Language Terms

cognate, collocation, homonym


noun \ˈkrē-ˌōl\

: a person who has African and French or Spanish ancestors; especially : such a person who lives in the West Indies

: a person whose ancestors were some of the first people from France or Spain to live in the southeastern U.S.

: a language that is based on French and that uses words from African languages

Full Definition of CREOLE

:  a person of European descent born especially in the West Indies or Spanish America
:  a white person descended from early French or Spanish settlers of the United States Gulf states and preserving their speech and culture
:  a person of mixed French or Spanish and black descent speaking a dialect of French or Spanish
a :  a language evolved from pidginized French that is spoken by blacks in southern Louisiana
b :  haitian
c not capitalized :  a language that has evolved from a pidgin but serves as the native language of a speech community

Examples of CREOLE

  1. Some people in Louisiana speak Creole.

Origin of CREOLE

French créole, from Spanish criollo, from Portuguese crioulo white person born in the colonies
First Known Use: 1737

Other Anthropology Terms

ectomorph, ethnography, prehistory, yurt


   (Concise Encyclopedia)

Any pidgin language that has become established as the native language of a speech community. A creole usually arises when speakers of one language become economically or politically dominant over speakers of another. A simplified or modified form of the dominant group's language (pidgin), used for communication between the two groups, may eventually become the native language of the less-powerful community. Examples include Gullah (derived from English), spoken in the Sea Islands of the southeastern U.S.; Haitian Creole (derived from French), spoken in Haiti; and Papiamentu (derived from Spanish and Portuguese), spoken in Curaçao, Aruba, and Bonaire.


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