noun \ˈkrēs\

: a line or mark made by folding, pressing, or crushing something (such as cloth or a piece of paper)

: a line or fold in someone's skin

the crease : an area around or in front of a goal in some games (such as hockey)

Full Definition of CREASE

:  a line, mark, or ridge made by or as if by folding a pliable substance
:  a specially marked area in various sports; especially :  an area surrounding or in front of a goal (as in lacrosse or hockey)
crease·less \-ləs\ adjective

Examples of CREASE

  1. He ironed his pants to make the creases sharp.
  2. a crease in the paper
  3. tiny creases at the corners of his eyes
  4. Players from the opposing team may not enter the crease.
  5. The batsman moved out of the crease.

Origin of CREASE

probably alteration of earlier creaste, from Middle English creste crest
First Known Use: 1578

Other Field and Goal Sports Terms

lateral, lax, overthrow, playbook, post, screen, scrum, secondary, ultimate

Rhymes with CREASE



: to fold, press, or crush (something, such as cloth or a piece of paper) so that a line or mark is formed : to put a crease in (something)

: to make a line or fold in (someone's skin)


Full Definition of CREASE

transitive verb
:  to make a crease in or on :  wrinkle <a smile creased her face>
:  to wound slightly especially by grazing <creased by a bullet>
intransitive verb
:  to become creased
creas·er noun

Examples of CREASE

  1. a neatly creased pair of pants
  2. The pages of the book were stained and creased.
  3. She looked up, her face creasing into a smile.

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