noun plural but singular or plural in construction \ˈkraps\

: a game played for money with two dice

Full Definition of CRAPS

:  a gambling game played with two dice
:  3crap 2

Origin of CRAPS

Louisiana French, from French crabs, craps, from English crabs lowest throw at hazard, from plural of 1crab
First Known Use: 1842

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   (Concise Encyclopedia)

Gambling game in which each player in turn throws two dice, attempting to roll a winning combination. The term derives from a Louisiana French word, crabs, which means “losing throw.” The player with the dice (the shooter) must first put up a stake; the other players bet against the shooter up to the amount of the stake. In some games, bettors may also bet against each other or against the house. A shooter who wins may continue to roll. A 7 or 11 on the first roll wins; a 2, 3, or 12 (craps) loses. Any other number requires the shooter to continue rolling until he or she rolls the same number again for a win or rolls a 7 (craps) and loses.


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