noun \ˈkə-zən\

: a child of your uncle or aunt

: a person who is related to you but not in a close or direct way

: a person who is from another country but whose culture is similar to your own

Full Definition of COUSIN

a :  a child of one's uncle or aunt
b :  a relative descended from one's grandparent or more remote ancestor by two or more steps and in a different line
c :  kinsman, relative <a distant cousin>
:  one associated with or related to another :  counterpart
—used as a title by a sovereign in addressing a nobleman
:  a person of a race or people ethnically or culturally related <our English cousins>
cous·in·hood \-ˌhd\ noun
cous·in·ly adjective
cous·in·ship \-ˌship\ noun

Examples of COUSIN

  1. Everyone came to the wedding, including a distant cousin no one had heard from in years.
  2. The cricket is a cousin of the grasshopper.
  3. hurricanes and their cousins, typhoons

Origin of COUSIN

Middle English cosin, from Anglo-French cusin, cosin, from Latin consobrinus, from com- + sobrinus second cousin, from soror sister — more at sister
First Known Use: 13th century

Other Forms of Address Terms

appellation, beatitude, brethren, emeritus, esquire, sire, sous

Rhymes with COUSIN


biographical name \kü-ˈzaⁿ\

Definition of COUSIN

Victor 1792–1867 Fr. philos.


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