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noun coun·ter·top \-ˌtäp\

Definition of countertop

  1. :  the flat working surface on top of waist-level kitchen cabinets

Origin and Etymology of countertop

1counter + 1top

First Known Use: 1897

Rhymes with countertop

agitprop, barbershop, beauty shop, belly flop, blow one's top, body shop, bucket shop, carrottop, channel-hop, coffee shop, cover crop, curly top, double-crop, double-stop, drag-and-drop, Ethiop, gigaflop, glottal stop, intercrop, island-hop, lollipop, machine shop, malaprop, mom-and-pop, mountaintop, open shop, overtop, photo op, rent-a-cop, Ribbentrop, set up shop, soda pop, standing crop, suction stop, table-hop, tabletop, techno-pop, teenybop, turboprop, union shop, whistle-stop, window-shop

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