noun \ˈkr-ə-ˌbant, ˈkär-\
plural Cor·y·bants \-ˌban(t)s\ or Cor·y·ban·tes \ˌkr-ə-ˈban-tēz, ˌkär-\

Definition of CORYBANT

:  one of the attendants or priests of Cybele noted for wildly emotional processions and rites

Origin of CORYBANT

Middle French Corybante, from Latin Corybas, from Greek Korybas
First Known Use: 14th century


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

In Oriental and Greco-Roman mythology, any of the wild, half-demonic beings who were attendants of the Great Mother of the Gods. Often identified or confused with the Cretan Curetes (attendants of Zeus), they were distinctly Asian in origin and their rites were more orgiastic. Their wild dance was credited with the power of healing mental disorder.


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