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adjective cor·ro·sive \-ˈrō-siv, -ziv\

: causing damage to metal or other materials through a chemical process

: causing someone or something to become weak and damaged

Full Definition of CORROSIVE

:  tending or having the power to corrode <corrosive acids> <corrosive action> <the corrosive effects of alcoholism>
:  bitingly sarcastic <corrosive satire>
corrosive noun
cor·ro·sive·ly adverb
cor·ro·sive·ness noun

Examples of CORROSIVE

  1. She argues that racism is dangerous and corrosive to society.
  2. <a corrosive satire on the fashion industry and its movers and shakers>

First Known Use of CORROSIVE

14th century

Other Chemical Engineering Terms

alkali, cation, decant, hygroscopic, isotope, oxidize, slurry, solute, viscous

Rhymes with CORROSIVE

CORROSIVELY Defined for Kids


adjective cor·ro·sive \kə-ˈrō-siv, -ziv\

Definition of CORROSIVE for Kids

:  tending or able to destroy, weaken, or wear away little by little <corrosive substances>


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