noun \kr-ˈnet, British usually ˈkr-nit\

Definition of CORNET

:  a valved brass instrument resembling a trumpet in design and range but having a shorter partly conical tube and less brilliant tone
:  something shaped like a cone: as
a :  a piece of paper twisted for use as a container
b :  a cone-shaped pastry shell that is often filled with whipped cream
c British :  an ice-cream cone
cor·net·ist or cor·net·tist \kr-ˈne-tist, ˈkr-ni-\ noun

Origin of CORNET

Middle English, from Middle French, from diminutive of corn horn, from Latin cornu
First Known Use: 14th century



Definition of CORNET

:  the standard of a cavalry troop
a :  the onetime fifth grade of commissioned officer in a British cavalry troop who carried the standard
b :  the onetime lowest commissioned rank in the United States cavalry

Origin of CORNET

Middle French cornette woman's headdress with a lappet, pennon, standard, from diminutive of corn
First Known Use: 1579


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Valved brass instrument. It evolved in the 1820s from the posthorn. Like the trumpet, it has three valves, but its bore is somewhat more conical. It is a transposing instrument (its music written a tone above the actual sound), usually built in the key of B-flat, though a higher-pitched E-flat instrument is used as well. Its range parallels that of the trumpet. Its agility made it a very popular solo instrument; it often displaced the trumpet in 19th-century orchestras, and it preceded the trumpet in modern dance and jazz bands. Recent developments have made the two instruments very similar, and the cornet's popularity has waned considerably as a result.


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