noun \kō-ˈkē-nə\

Definition of COQUINA

:  a soft whitish limestone formed of broken shells and corals cemented together and used for building
:  a small wedge-shaped clam (Donax variabilis) used for broth or chowder and occurring in the intertidal zone of sandy Atlantic beaches from Delaware to the Gulf of Mexico

Origin of COQUINA

Spanish, probably diminutive of coca head, alteration of coco bogeyman, coconut
First Known Use: 1837


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Limestone formed almost entirely of sorted and cemented fossil debris, most commonly coarse shells and shell fragments. Microcoquinas are similar sedimentary rocks composed of finer material. Common among microcoquinas are those formed from the remains of crinoids (marine invertebrates, such as sea lilies, that have limy disks and a limy internal skeleton). A distinction is made between a coquina, which is a rock formed from debris, and coquinoid limestone, which is composed of coarse shelly materials with a fine-grained matrix.


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