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cop a plea

Definition of cop a plea

US informal

  1. :  to admit to doing a less serious crime than the one a person is accused of :  to agree to a plea bargain <Her lawyers convinced her to cop a plea.>

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  top, crest

    :  a cylindrical or conical mass of thread, yarn, or roving wound on a quill or tube

    :  a quill or tube upon which it is wound

  1. :  to get hold of :  catch, capture

    :  purchase

    :  steal, swipe

  1. :  police officer

  1. : copper

    : copulative

    : copy

  1. :  a legal suit or action

    :  an allegation made by a party in support of a cause: as

    :  an allegation of fact — compare demurrer

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