noun \ˈk-kē\

: a sweet baked food that is usually small, flat, and round and is made from flour and sugar

computers : a file that may be added to your computer when you visit a Web site and that contains information about you (such as an identification code or a record of the Web pages you have visited)

plural cook·ies

Full Definition of COOKIE

:  a small flat or slightly raised cake
a :  an attractive woman <a buxom French cookie who haunts the … colony's one night spot — Newsweek>
b :  person, guy <a tough cookie>
cookie :  a small file or part of a file stored on a World Wide Web user's computer, created and subsequently read by a Web site server, and containing personal information (as a user identification code, customized preferences, or a record of pages visited)

Variants of COOKIE

cook·ie or cooky \ˈk-kē\

Examples of COOKIE

  1. This recipe makes about two dozen cookies.
  2. She put a batch of cookies into the oven.
  3. Don't worry about her—she's a tough cookie.
  4. You are one smart cookie.

Origin of COOKIE

Dutch koekje, diminutive of koek cake
First Known Use: 1703

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noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

File or part of a file put on a Web user's hard disk by a Web site. Cookies are used to store registration data, to make it possible to customize information for visitors to a Web site, to target Web advertising, and to keep track of the products a user wishes to order online. Early browsers often enabled cookies to track which Web sites a user has visited and to retrieve data from other parts of the user's hard disk; current browsers prevent this and permit a site to have access only to cookies written by that site.


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