adjective con·vul·sive \kən-ˈvəl-siv\

: involving or causing a sudden violent shaking of the muscles in your body that you are unable to control

: causing the entire body to shake

Full Definition of CONVULSIVE

a :  constituting or producing a convulsion
b :  caused by or affected with convulsions
:  resembling a convulsion in being violent, sudden, frantic, or spasmodic <convulsive laughter>
con·vul·sive·ly adverb
con·vul·sive·ness noun

Examples of CONVULSIVE

  1. <the assassination of Martin Luther King was one of the most convulsive events of the 1960s>
  2. <after a day of convulsive trading, the stock market was down 300 points>

First Known Use of CONVULSIVE


Synonym Discussion of CONVULSIVE

fitful, spasmodic, convulsive mean lacking steadiness or regularity in movement. fitful implies intermittence, a succession of starts and stops or risings and fallings <fitful sleep>. spasmodic adds to fitful the implication of rapid or violent activity alternating with inactivity <spasmodic growth>. convulsive suggests the breaking of regularity or quiet by uncontrolled movement <convulsive shocks>.
CONVULSIVELY Defined for Kids


adjective con·vul·sive \kən-ˈvəl-siv\

Definition of CONVULSIVE for Kids

:  causing or marked by violent, frantic, or jerky movement <By convulsive efforts he got on his feet, staggered, and fell. — Jack London, The Call of the Wild>
con·vul·sive·ly adverb
Medical Dictionary


adjective con·vul·sive \kən-ˈvəl-siv\

Medical Definition of CONVULSIVE

:  constituting or producing a convulsion <convulsive disorders>
:  caused by or affected with convulsions <convulsive motions> <a convulsive patient>
con·vul·sive·ly adverb


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