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verb con·tra·vene \ˌkän-trə-ˈvēn\

: to fail to do what is required by (a law or rule)


Full Definition of CONTRAVENE

transitive verb
:  to go or act contrary to :  violate <contravene a law>
:  to oppose in argument :  contradict <contravene a proposition>
con·tra·ven·er noun

Examples of CONTRAVENE

  1. The overcrowded dance club contravened safety regulations.
  2. <the unauthorized reproduction of the image contravenes copyright laws>


Middle French or Late Latin; Middle French contrevenir, from Late Latin contravenire, from Latin contra- + venire to come — more at come
First Known Use: 1567

Synonym Discussion of CONTRAVENE

deny, gainsay, contradict, contravene mean to refuse to accept as true or valid. deny implies a firm refusal to accept as true, to grant or concede, or to acknowledge the existence or claims of <denied the charges>. gainsay implies disputing the truth of what another has said <no one can gainsay her claims>. contradict implies an open or flat denial <her account contradicts his>. contravene implies not so much an intentional opposition as some inherent incompatibility <laws that contravene tradition>.


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