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adjective con·tin·u·ous \kən-ˈtin-yü-əs\

Simple Definition of continuous

  • : continuing without stopping : happening or existing without a break or interruption

Full Definition of continuous

  1. 1 :  marked by uninterrupted extension in space, time, or sequence

  2. 2 of a function :  having the property that the absolute value of the numerical difference between the value at a given point and the value at any point in a neighborhood of the given point can be made as close to zero as desired by choosing the neighborhood small enough

con·tin·u·ous·ly adverb
con·tin·u·ous·ness noun

Examples of continuous

  1. The album is divided into different tracks, but it is really one continuous song.

  2. a continuous line of traffic

  3. The batteries provide enough power for up to five hours of continuous use.

  4. The phrases am seeing, had been seeing, and is being seen are all in continuous tenses.

Origin of continuous

Latin continuus, from continēre to hold together — more at contain

First Known Use: 1673

Synonym Discussion of continuous

continual, continuous, constant, incessant, perpetual, perennial mean characterized by continued occurrence or recurrence. continual often implies a close prolonged succession or recurrence <continual showers the whole weekend>. continuous usually implies an uninterrupted flow or spatial extension <football's oldest continuous rivalry>. constant implies uniform or persistent occurrence or recurrence <lived in constant pain>. incessant implies ceaseless or uninterrupted activity <annoyed by the incessant quarreling>. perpetual suggests unfailing repetition or lasting duration <a land of perpetual snowfall>. perennial implies enduring existence often through constant renewal <a perennial source of controversy>.

Medical Dictionary


adjective con·tin·u·ous \kən-ˈtin-yə-wəs\

Medical Definition of continuous

  1. :  marked by uninterrupted extension in space, time, or sequence :  continuing without intermission or recurring regularly after minute interruptions <continuous vitamin injections>

  2. con·tin·u·ous·ly adverb

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