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noun con·stit·u·ent \-wənt, -ənt\

Simple Definition of constituent

  • : any one of the people who live and vote in an area : a member of a constituency

  • : one of the parts that form something

Full Definition of constituent

  1. 1 :  one who authorizes another to act as agent :  principal

  2. 2 :  a member of a constituency

  3. 3 :  an essential part :  component, element

  4. 4 :  a structural unit of a definable syntactic, semantic, or phonological category that consists of one or more linguistic elements (as words, morphemes, or features) and that can occur as a component of a larger construction

Examples of constituent

  1. She's pledged to help her elderly constituents.

  2. Many senators have received calls from constituents who want them to vote in favor of the law.

  3. the chemical constituents of the liquid

Origin of constituent

French constituant, from Middle French, from present participle of constituer to constitute, from Latin constituere

First Known Use: 1622

Synonym Discussion of constituent

element, component, constituent, ingredient mean one of the parts of a compound or complex whole. element applies to any such part and often connotes irreducible simplicity <the basic elements of geometry>. component and constituent may designate any of the substances (whether elements or compounds) or the qualities that enter into the makeup of a complex product; component stresses its separate entity or distinguishable character <the components of a stereo system>. constituent stresses its essential and formative character <the constituents of a chemical compound>. ingredient applies to any of the substances which when combined form a particular mixture <the ingredients of a cocktail>.



adjective con·stit·u·ent

Simple Definition of constituent

  • : forming part of a whole

Full Definition of constituent

  1. 1 :  serving to form, compose, or make up a unit or whole :  component <constituent parts>

  2. 2 :  having the power to create a government or frame or amend a constitution <a constituent assembly>

con·stit·u·ent·ly adverb

Examples of constituent

  1. The company can be separated into several constituent parts.

Origin of constituent

Latin constituent-, constituens, present participle of constituere

First Known Use: 1660

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