geographical name \kə-ˈne-ti-kət\

Definition of CONNECTICUT

river 407 miles (655 kilometers) NE United States rising in N New Hampshire & flowing S into Long Island Sound from Connecticut
state NE United States Hartford area 5018 square miles (12,997 square kilometers), pop 3,574,097


geographical name    (Concise Encyclopedia)

State, northeastern U.S. Area: 5,006 sq mi (12,965 sq km). Pop. (2009 est.): 3,518,288. Capital: Hartford. The southernmost of the New England states, Connecticut lies on Long Island Sound and is bordered by Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New York. The original inhabitants were Algonquian-speaking Indians. The area was colonized by English Puritans from the Massachusetts Bay Colony during the 1630s. One of the original states of the Union, it was the fifth to ratify the U.S. Constitution. It was an agricultural region until the early 19th century, when textile factories were established, and by 1850 employment in manufacturing exceeded agriculture; the state remains a manufacturing centre. New Haven, home of Yale University, is one of New England's largest ports, while Stamford is the headquarters for some of the U.S.'s largest corporations. New London is home to the U.S. Coast Guard Academy. Highways and railways traverse Connecticut and serve the densely settled coastal and Connecticut River valley regions. The state abounds with historical sites and memorials, and there are numerous state forests and state parks.


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