verb con·jure \vt 2 & vi senses ˈkän-jər also ˈkən-; vt 1 kən-ˈjr\

: to make (something) appear or seem to appear by using magic

: to make you think of (something)

: to create or imagine (something)

con·juredcon·jur·ing \ˈkänj-riŋ, ˈkän-jə-, ˈkənj-, ˈkən-jə-; kən-ˈjr-iŋ\

Full Definition of CONJURE

transitive verb
:  to charge or entreat earnestly or solemnly
a :  to summon by or as if by invocation or incantation
b (1) :  to affect or effect by or as if by magic
(2) :  imagine, contrive —often used with up <we conjure up our own metaphors for our own needs — R. J. Kaufmann> (3) :  to bring to mind <words that conjure pleasant images> —often used with up <conjure up memories>
intransitive verb
a :  to summon a devil or spirit by invocation or incantation
b :  to practice magical arts
:  to use a conjurer's tricks :  juggle
conjure with
chiefly British :  to treat or regard as important <Victor Hugo is a name to conjure with — Peter France>

Examples of CONJURE

  1. a magician who conjures live doves from silk scarves
  2. The students conjured a clever scheme to raise the money they needed.

Origin of CONJURE

Middle English, from Anglo-French conjurer, from Latin conjurare to join in taking an oath, from com- + jurare to swear — more at jury
First Known Use: 13th century

Other Occult Terms

augury, censor, invocation, lucidity, metempsychosis, mojo, numinous, preternatural, weird, wraith

Rhymes with CONJURE

CONJURING Defined for Kids


verb con·jure \ˈkän-jər, ˈkən-jər\

Definition of CONJURE for Kids

:  to practice magical arts
:  imagine 1 <conjure up an image>
:  to produce by or as if by magic <Conjuring up portable, waterproof fires was a specialty of Hermione's. — J. K. Rowling, Chamber of Secrets>


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