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geographical name Con·go \ˈkäŋ-(ˌ)gō\

Definition of Congo

  1. 1 or Zaireplay river more than 2700 miles (4344 kilometers) cen Africa flowing N, W, & SW into the Atlantic — see lualaba

  2. 2 or Democratic Republic of the Congo or 1971–97 Zaire or 1908–60 Belgian Congo or 1885–1908 Congo Free State country cen Africa comprising most of Congo River basin E of lower Congo River ∗ Kinshasa area 905,356 square miles (2,344,872 square kilometers), pop 67,800,000

  3. 3 or Republic of the Congo or formerly Middle Congo country W cen Africa W of the lower Congo ∗ Brazzaville area 132,047 square miles (342,002 square kilometers), pop 3,900,000 — see french equatorial africa

Congolese play \ˌkäŋ-gə-ˈlēz, -ˈlēs\ adjective or noun

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expressing little or no emotion

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