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adjective con·glom·er·ate \kən-ˈgläm-rət, -ˈglä-mə-\

Definition of conglomerate

  1. :  made up of parts from various sources or of various kinds

Origin of conglomerate

Latin conglomeratus, past participle of conglomerare to roll together, from com- + glomerare to wind into a ball, from glomer-, glomus ball — more at clam

First Known Use: 1572



verb con·glom·er·ate \-ˈglä-mə-ˌrāt\

Definition of conglomerate


  1. intransitive verb
  2. :  to gather into a mass or coherent whole <numbers of dull people conglomerated round her — Virginia Woolf>

  3. transitive verb
  4. :  accumulate

con·glom·er·a·tive play \-ˈgläm-rə-tiv, -ˈglä-mə-; -mə-ˌrā-\ adjective
con·glom·er·a·tor play \-ˈglä-mə-ˌrā-tər\ noun

Examples of conglomerate

  1. <people conglomerated in the downtown streets for an impromptu victory celebration>

  2. <over the years the town's discarded junk conglomerated at the bottom of the river>


First Known Use of conglomerate


Rhymes with conglomerate

abbreviate, abominate, accelerate, accentuate, accommodate, acculturate, accumulate, adjudicate, adulterate, affiliate, agglomerate, alienate, alleviate, alliterate, amalgamate, ameliorate, amyl nitrate, annihilate, annunciate, anticipate, apostolate, appreciate, appropriate, approximate, arpeggiate, articulate, asphyxiate, assassinate, asseverate, assimilate, associate, at any rate, attenuate, authenticate, barbiturate, bicarbonate, calumniate, capacitate, capitulate, catholicate, certificate, coagulate, coelenterate, collaborate, commemorate, commiserate, communicate, compassionate, concatenate, conciliate, confabulate, confederate, congratulate, consolidate, contaminate, cooperate, coordinate, corroborate, deactivate, debilitate, decapitate, decelerate, decerebrate, deconcentrate, deconsecrate, decorticate, decrepitate, de-escalate, defibrinate, defoliate, degenerate, deliberate, delineate, demodulate, denominate, depopulate, depreciate, deracinate, deregulate, desegregate, desiderate, detoxicate, devaluate, diaconate, dilapidate, discriminate, disintegrate, disseminate, dissimulate, dissociate, domesticate, effectuate, ejaculate, elaborate, electroplate, eliminate, elucidate, emaciate, emancipate, emasculate, encapsulate, enumerate, enunciate, episcopate, equivocate, eradicate, etiolate, evacuate, evaluate, evaporate, eventuate, eviscerate, exacerbate, exaggerate, exasperate, excited state, excogitate, excoriate, exfoliate, exhilarate, exonerate, expatiate, expatriate, expectorate, expostulate, expropriate, extenuate, exterminate, extrapolate, facilitate, felicitate, fish or cut bait, garrison state, gesticulate, habilitate, habituate, hallucinate, humiliate, hydrogenate, hypothecate, illuminate, impersonate, inactivate, inaugurate, incarcerate, incinerate, incorporate, incriminate, indoctrinate, inebriate, infatuate, infuriate, ingratiate, ingurgitate, initiate, inoculate, inseminate, insinuate, instantiate, intercalate, interpolate, interrelate, interrogate, intimidate, intoxicate, invalidate, investigate, invigorate, irradiate, Italianate, Korea Strait, lanceolate, legitimate, luxuriate, mandarinate, manipulate, matriarchate, matriculate, Merthiolate, necessitate, negotiate, noncandidate, obliterate, officiate, Orange Free State, orientate, originate, oxygenate, participate, particulate, patriarchate, patriciate, perambulate, peregrinate, perpetuate, pontificate, precipitate, predestinate, predominate, prefabricate, premeditate, preponderate, prevaricate, procrastinate, prognosticate, proliferate, propitiate, proportionate, quadruplicate, quintuplicate, reciprocate, recriminate, recuperate, redecorate, reduplicate, reeducate, refrigerate, regenerate, regurgitate, reincarnate, reintegrate, reiterate, rejuvenate, remunerate, repatriate, repudiate, resuscitate, retaliate, reticulate, revaluate, reverberate, scholasticate, second estate, self-flagellate, self-immolate, self-pollinate, seventy-eight, sextuplicate, Singapore Strait, sophisticate, subordinate, substantiate, syllabicate, tergiversate, transliterate, triangulate, vanity plate, variegate, vaticinate, vituperate, vociferate



noun con·glom·er·ate \-ˈgläm-rət, -ˈglä-mə-\

Simple Definition of conglomerate

  • : a large business that is made of different kinds of companies

  • : a kind of rock that is made from many stones of different sizes held together with hardened clay

Full Definition of conglomerate

  1. 1 :  a composite mass or mixture; especially :  rock composed of rounded fragments varying from small pebbles to large boulders in a cement (as of hardened clay)

  2. 2 :  a widely diversified corporation

con·glom·er·at·ic play \kən-ˌglä-mə-ˈra-tik, ˌkän-\ adjective

Examples of conglomerate

  1. a news and entertainment conglomerate

  2. Our small company must compete with the big conglomerates.


First Known Use of conglomerate


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