verb \kən-ˈfrm\

: to be similar to or the same as something

: to obey or agree with something

: to do what other people do : to behave in a way that is accepted by most people

Full Definition of CONFORM

transitive verb
:  to give the same shape, outline, or contour to :  bring into harmony or accord <conform furrows to the slope of the land>
intransitive verb
:  to be similar or identical; also :  to be in agreement or harmony —used with to or with <changes that conform with our plans>
a :  to be obedient or compliant —usually used with to <conform to another's wishes>
b :  to act in accordance with prevailing standards or customs <the pressure to conform>
con·form·er noun
con·form·ism \-ˈfr-ˌmi-zəm\ noun
con·form·ist \-mist\ noun or adjective

Examples of CONFORM

  1. Most teenagers feel pressure to conform.
  2. <the list conforms with the contents of the trunk>

Origin of CONFORM

Middle English, from Anglo-French conformer, from Latin conformare, from com- + formare to form, from forma form
First Known Use: 14th century


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