adjective con·firmed \kən-ˈfərmd\

: not likely to change

Full Definition of CONFIRMED

a :  marked by long continuance and likely to persist <a confirmed habit>
b :  fixed in habit and unlikely to change <a confirmed do-gooder>
:  having received the rite of confirmation
con·firm·ed·ly \-ˈfər-məd-lē\ adverb
con·firmed·ness \-ˈfər-məd-nəs, -ˈfərm(d)-nəs\ noun

Examples of CONFIRMED

  1. <a confirmed grouch who never seems to smile>
  2. <a confirmed tendency to exaggerate about everything>

First Known Use of CONFIRMED

14th century

Synonym Discussion of CONFIRMED

inveterate, confirmed, chronic mean firmly established. inveterate applies to a habit, attitude, or feeling of such long existence as to be practically ineradicable or unalterable <an inveterate smoker>. confirmed implies a growing stronger and firmer with time so as to resist change or reform <a confirmed bachelor>. chronic suggests something that is persistent or endlessly recurrent and troublesome <a chronic complainer>.
CONFIRMEDNESS Defined for Kids


adjective con·firmed \kən-ˈfərmd\

Definition of CONFIRMED for Kids

:  unlikely to change <a confirmed optimist>


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