adjective \kən-ˈdü-siv, -ˈdyü-\

: making it easy, possible, or likely for something to happen or exist

Full Definition of CONDUCIVE

:  tending to promote or assist <an atmosphere conducive to education>
con·du·cive·ness noun

Examples of CONDUCIVE

  1. <the claim that the state's long-standing antitax attitude is conducive to entrepreneurship>
  2. <the noisy environment of the dorms was not very conducive to studying>
  3. … air-conditioner cooling towers on the roof provided a conducive summertime abode, from which the germs circulated throughout the edifice in a fine infectious mist. —Wayne Biddle, A Field Guide to Germs, 1995


(see conduce)
First Known Use: 1646


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