adjective \-ˈpəl-siv\

: caused by a desire that is too strong to resist : impossible to stop or control

: not able to stop or control doing something

: very interesting

Full Definition of COMPULSIVE

:  having power to compel
:  of, relating to, caused by, or suggestive of psychological compulsion or obsession <compulsive actions> <a compulsive gambler>
com·pul·sive·ly adverb
com·pul·sive·ness noun
com·pul·siv·i·ty \kəm-ˌpəl-ˈsi-və-tē, ˌkäm-\ noun

Examples of COMPULSIVE

  1. <his compulsive clowning around can sometimes be annoying>

First Known Use of COMPULSIVE


Other Psychology Terms

fetish, hypochondria, intelligence, mania, narcissism, neurosis, pathological, psychosis, schadenfreude, subliminal


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