verb \kəm-ˈpī(-ə)l\

: to create (a CD, book, list, etc.) by gathering things (such as songs or pieces of writing or information)

: to put together (various songs, pieces of writing, facts, etc.) in a publication or collection

computers : to change (computer programming instructions) into a form the computer can understand and use


Full Definition of COMPILE

transitive verb
:  to compose out of materials from other documents
:  to collect and edit into a volume
:  to build up gradually <compiled a record of four wins and two losses>
:  to run (as a program) through a compiler

Examples of COMPILE

  1. He compiled a book of poems.
  2. She compiled a list of names.
  3. They took the best submissions and compiled them in a single issue of the magazine.
  4. We compiled our findings in the report.

Origin of COMPILE

Middle English, from Anglo-French compiler, from Latin compilare to plunder
First Known Use: 14th century


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