verb \kə-ˈmyün\

: to communicate with someone or something in a very personal or spiritual way


Full Definition of COMMUNE

transitive verb
:  talk over, discuss <have more to commune — Shakespeare>
intransitive verb
:  to receive Communion
:  to communicate intimately <commune with nature>

Examples of COMMUNE

  1. a psychic who communes with the dead
  2. <after a week in the wilderness, the scouts were really starting to commune with nature>

Origin of COMMUNE

Middle English, to share, receive Communion, from Anglo-French communer, cummunier, from Late Latin communicare, from Latin
First Known Use: 15th century

Related to COMMUNE

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noun \ˈkäm-ˌyün; kə-ˈmyün, kä-\

: a group of people who live together and share responsibilities, possessions, etc.

: the smallest division of local government in some countries especially in Europe

Full Definition of COMMUNE

:  the smallest administrative district of many countries especially in Europe
:  commonalty 1a
:  community: as
a :  a medieval usually municipal corporation
b (1) :  mir
(2) :  an often rural community organized on a communal basis

Examples of COMMUNE

  1. He's living in a religious commune.

Origin of COMMUNE

French, alteration of Middle French comugne, from Medieval Latin communia, from Latin, neuter plural of communis
First Known Use: 1673

Other Government and Politics Terms

agent provocateur, agitprop, autarky, cabal, egalitarianism, federalism, hegemony, plenipotentiary, popular sovereignty, socialism


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