adjective \kə-ˈmyü-nəl, ˈkäm-yə-nəl\

: shared or used by members of a group or community

: relating to or involving members of a commune (sense 1)

: relating to a situation in which you are doing something with other people

Full Definition of COMMUNAL

:  of or relating to one or more communes
:  of or relating to a community
a :  characterized by collective ownership and use of property
b :  participated in, shared, or used in common by members of a group or community
:  of, relating to, or based on racial or cultural groups
com·mu·nal·ize \kə-ˈmyü-nə-ˌlīz, ˈkäm-yə-\ transitive verb
com·mu·nal·ly adverb

Examples of COMMUNAL

  1. The tribe lived in communal huts.
  2. the communal experience of riding on the train

Origin of COMMUNAL

French, from Late Latin communalis, from Latin communis
First Known Use: 1800

Other Sociology Terms

bourgeois, ethos, eugenics, exurb, incommunicado, intelligentsia, megalopolis, metrosexual, mores, subculture


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