colobus monkey

col·o·bus monkey

noun \ˈkä-lə-bəs-\

Definition of COLOBUS MONKEY

:  any of various long-tailed African monkeys (genus Colobus and related genera) —called also colobus


New Latin colobus, from Greek kolobos docked, mutilated, from kolos docked; probably akin to Greek klan to break — more at clast
First Known Use: 1866

colobus monkey

noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Any of 10 species of long-tailed, essentially thumbless African Old World monkeys in the genus Colobus (family Cercopithecidae). Colobus monkeys are diurnal, generally gregarious vegetarians. They make long leaps from tree to tree. The four species of black-and-white colobus are 22–24 in. (55–60 cm) long, excluding the 30–32-in. (77–82-cm) tail. They are slender and have a long, silky coat. The five species of red colobus are brown or black with red markings and are 18–24 in. (46–60 cm) long, excluding the 16–31-in. (40–80-cm) tail. The olive colobus has short, olive-coloured fur. Several races of red colobus are considered endangered; other colobus species are vulnerable or rare.


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