adjective \ˈkōld\

: having a very low temperature

: having a feeling of low body heat

of food : not heated

Full Definition of COLD

a :  having or being a temperature that is uncomfortably low for humans <it is cold outside today> <a cold drafty attic>
b :  having a relatively low temperature or one lower than normal or expected <the bath water has gotten cold>
c :  not heated: as
(1) of food :  served without heating especially after initial cooking or processing <cold cereal> <cold roast beef> (2) :  served chilled or with ice <a cold drink> (3) :  involving processing without the use of heat <cold working of steel>
a :  marked by a lack of the warmth of normal human emotion, friendliness, or compassion <a cold stare> <got a cold reception>; also :  not moved to enthusiasm <the movie leaves me cold>
b :  not colored or affected by personal feeling or bias :  detached, indifferent <cold chronicles recorded by an outsider — Andrew Sarris>; also :  impersonal, objective <cold facts> <cold reality>
c :  marked by sure familiarity :  pat <had her lines cold weeks before opening night>
:  conveying the impression of being cold: as
a :  depressing, gloomy <cold gray skies>
b :  cool 6a
a :  marked by the loss of normal body heat <cold hands>; especially :  dead
b :  giving the appearance of being dead :  unconscious <passed out cold>
a :  having lost freshness or vividness :  stale <dogs trying to pick up a cold scent>
b :  far off the mark :  not close to finding or solving —used especially in children's games
c :  marked by poor or unlucky performance <the team's shooting turned cold in the second half>
d :  not prepared or suitably warmed up
cold·ish \ˈkōld-ish\ adjective
cold·ly \ˈkōl(d)-lē\ adverb
cold·ness \ˈkōl(d)-nəs\ noun
in cold blood
:  with premeditation :  deliberately <was killed in cold blood>

Examples of COLD

  1. The water was too cold for swimming.
  2. The weather has been unusually cold this spring.
  3. a country with a cold climate
  4. It was a long, cold winter.
  5. It's cold outside, but the wind makes it feel even colder.
  6. It's bitterly cold out there!
  7. metal that is cold to the touch
  8. Are you cold? I could turn up the temperature if you'd like.
  9. a bowl of cold cereal
  10. He ate cold pizza for breakfast.

Origin of COLD

Middle English, from Old English ceald, cald; akin to Old High German kalt cold, Latin gelu frost, gelare to freeze
First Known Use: before 12th century

Rhymes with COLD



: a cold condition

the cold : cold weather

: a common illness that affects the nose, throat, and eyes and that usually causes coughing, sneezing, etc.

Full Definition of COLD

:  bodily sensation produced by loss or lack of heat <they died of the cold>
:  a condition of low temperature <extremes of heat and cold>; especially :  cold weather
:  a bodily disorder popularly associated with chilling; specifically :  common cold
out in the cold
:  deprived of benefits given others <the plan benefits management but leaves labor out in the cold>

Examples of COLD

  1. I mind cold more than heat.
  2. They died of exposure to cold.
  3. The cold really sets in around late November and doesn't let up until April.
  4. I stood there shivering in the cold.
  5. He waited outside for her in the bitter cold.
  6. Come in out of the cold.
  7. It's not the flu, it's just a cold.

First Known Use of COLD

13th century



: in a very clear, complete, and definite way

: in a sudden way

: without practicing or preparing before doing something

Full Definition of COLD

:  with utter finality :  absolutely, completely <turned down cold>; also :  abruptly <stopped them cold>
a :  without introduction or advance notice <walked in cold to apply for a job>
b :  without preparation or warm-up <was asked to perform the solo cold>

Examples of COLD

  1. She was asked to perform the song cold.

First Known Use of COLD



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