geographical name \ˈkōl-ˌches-tər, -chəs-\

Definition of COLCHESTER

town SE England in Essex pop 141,100


geographical name    (Concise Encyclopedia)

City and borough (pop., 2001: 155,794), southeastern England. In ancient times, the city was the capital of the powerful pre-Roman ruler Cunobelinus. After his death, the enmity of his sons toward Rome encouraged the Roman invasion of Britain, and it became the first Roman colony there, founded by Claudius c. AD 43. Burned by Boudicca's warriors c. AD 60, it was reestablished and received its first charter in 1189. In the 13th century it was a major port. It has a long history in both cloth making and oyster trading. It is the site of England's largest castle keep (built c. 1080), which now houses a museum of Romano-British antiquities.

Variants of COLCHESTER

Colchester ancient Camulodunum


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