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adjective clin·i·cal \ˈkli-ni-kəl\

Simple Definition of clinical

  • : relating to or based on work done with real patients : of or relating to the medical treatment that is given to patients in hospitals, clinics, etc.

  • : requiring treatment as a medical problem

  • : of or relating to a place where medical treatment is given : of or relating to a clinic

Full Definition of clinical

  1. 1 :  of, relating to, or conducted in or as if in a clinic: as a :  involving direct observation of the patient b :  based on or characterized by observable and diagnosable symptoms

  2. 2 :  analytical or coolly dispassionate

clin·i·cal·ly play \-k(ə-)lē\ adverb

Examples of clinical

  1. Both experimental and clinical evidence show that the treatment is effective.

  2. She enjoys her clinical practice but is looking forward to working in a laboratory.

  3. Three hundred patients were involved in the clinical study.

Circa 1728

First Known Use of clinical

circa 1728

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Medical Dictionary


adjective clin·i·cal \ˈklin-i-kəl\

Medical Definition of clinical

  1. 1:  of, relating to, or conducted in or as if in a clinic: asa:  involving or concerned with the direct observation and treatment of living patients <engaged in full-time clinical practice> <clinical professor of obstetrics and gynecology>b:  of, relating to, based on, or characterized by observable and diagnosable symptoms of disease <the clinical picture on admission was that of mild depression in an extremely rigid personality—Occupational Therapy & Rehabilitation> <three of these six foods were actually the cause of symptoms, and upon their elimination, clinical cure was effected—Journal of Pediatrics>c:  applying objective or standardized methods (as interviews and personality or intelligence tests) to the description, evaluation, and modification of human behavior <clinical psychology>

  2. 2of a sacrament :  administered on a sickbed or deathbed <clinical baptism>

  3. clin·i·cal·ly \-k(ə-)lē\play adverb

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